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About Me


I’m an ambitious Industrial Design student studying at Kean University in New Jersey with a focus on consumer goods, practical and sustainable design, and brand identity. I have experience working within marketing and manufacturing constraints to bring ideas to life without compromising form.

Design that is made to last: good materials, smart form, and lots of love. Items that are kept not just because you need them, but because you enjoy their company. Hard work, extensive research, and elbow grease is what goes into everything I make; top to bottom, every aspect has a purpose. There is no question too challenging and no goal too lofty for those willing to give it their all.

Pronouns: She / They

Hobbies & Interests: 3D printing, character and concept art, PC/console gaming, creative writing, cosplay, MCU, Star Wars, and traveling wherever I can.

From: Forked River, NJ, USA

Favorite Color: Violet


  • Student Merit Awards 2021, Round 1 Finalist, Industrial Designers Society of America

  • FORM: Student Innovation Competition, Second PlaceFormica Group

  • College of Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship, Kean University

  • Robert Busch School of Design Annual Scholarship, Kean University

  • Kean University Foundation Scholar Annual Housing Scholarship, Kean University

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