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The Subaru Adventure Pack

A Study in Design Language and Brand Identity

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1) Rough Terrain: dirt road reiterates nature-centric themes throughout brand.

2) Smooth Contour: organic overall shape is inviting and curious; friendly shape while maintaining sleek look.

3) Alloy Wheels: Rugged, modern, sporty; adds style to utilitarian aspect that is expected of modern SUVs.

4) Angular Details: contrasts organic overall form to provide sleek structure and a balance the form.

5) Matte Detailing: highlights lower contours and high-contact points; defined with darker, rough plastic.

​6) Atypical Color: a glossy finish on a nature-inspired palette allows vehicles to stand out on first glance.

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Fill That Flat, Fast.

A powerful compressor keeps you from getting stuck off-road.

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