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The Subaru Adventure Pack

The nature of the world is a beautiful, adventurous place. More people are getting back outdoors and that's something to encourage - if they have the right equipment.

Emergency situations can happen at any time; protecting those who we love is most important, and a priority for the Subaru brand.

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Magnified Grass

Get back out there.

Even safe, powerful vehicles are not immune to flat tires and dead batteries - unfortunate mishaps that should not leave one stranded on that path less traveled. A survival pack for the road, complete with everything you’ll need to get back on it; emergency situations can happen at any time and Subaru is here to assist.


Fill that flat, fast.

A powerful compressor keeps you from getting stuck off-road.

TRUCNK 2.png

Not starting? Not a problem.

Jump start your car without ever having to pop the hood.


Take some sun with you.

Solar cells charge the Pack so you can charge your devices.


Play hard, rest easy.

Storage space within the Pack is perfect for your Subaru First Aid Kit.

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