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They say beauty is pain. Does it have to be?

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It's Time to Shine

Introducing Phen - cute and powerful, these tests give you clear results as to what’s really in your beauty products.  Utilizing the same lab-standard technology for identifying mercury and lead in water[6], a Phen Test changes color when in contact with either compound.

One swab gives you irreplaceable peace of mind when it  comes to your health: it’s as simple as Test, Relax, and  Report your findings.

[1] - Prasso, Sheridan, and Vernon Silver. “No One Knows How Many of the World’s Skin-Lightening Creams Are Tainted With Mercury.”, Bloomberg Businessweek , 28 Aug. 2019.
[2] - Navlakha, Meera. “Asians Continue to Use Skin Whitening Products Despite Their Toxic Levels of Mercury.” VICE, Huffpost, 4 Sept. 2019.

[3] - Afzal, Bushra, et al. Government of Pakistan, 2018, Mercury Poisoning Associated with International AndLocal Skin Whitening Creams (SWCs) in Pakistan.
[4] - Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Lead in Cosmetics.Government of the United States of America, 2020.
[5] -WHO. “Lead Poisoning and Health.” World Health Organization, World Health Organization, 29AD, 2019.
[6] - Phenyl-2-phenylhydrazide and Sodium rhodizonate, respectively.

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Pretty. Powerful.

Use your voice for good and report a positive Phen test online or through the App.


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Social media and a digital world have popularized cosmetics more than ever. As the industry grows, so do the potential problems.


Women of lower socioeconomic status are at the greatest risk of using a dangerous product, making Phen an affordable first line of defense. Phen derives it’s name from the compound used to test for Mercury. It also means “To Shine”. Let yourself shine without worry.

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